UCLS Membership Dues and Information

LICENSED                $200
ASSOCIATE                 95
OUT-OF-STATE          150
RETIRED                     85
AFFILIATE                   85
STUDENT                    10
SUSTAINING           1,025

Licensed Member must be individuals who are licensed as land surveyors
in accordance with the laws of the State of Utah and who
otherwise have met the membership requirement set forth herein and/
or modified by the Board of Directors from time to time. Only Licensed
Members shall have the rights of voting members under the Act; includes NSPS membership

Associate Members must be employed by a licensed land surveyor or
employed by a firm or agency engaged in the practice of land surveying
and must intend to make their livelihood in the land surveying

Affiliate Members must be employed by a private firm or public
agency that is engaged in an activity related to the surveying profession.
Affiliate Members are those persons who do not desire to
become professional land surveyors but are interested in being associated
with the land surveying profession;

Student Members must be enrolled in a college or university in pursuit
of a major in surveying or a related field; includes NSPS student membership

Retired Members must (i) be or have been Licensed Members or
Associate Members of the Corporation in the past, (ii) be over the age
of 60, and (iii) no longer be participants in the business of land surveying;

Out-of-State Members must have their full-time residence outside of
the State of Utah and desire to receive the informational benefits of the

Sustaining Members must be individuals or entities that are engaged 

in the (i) manufacture or distribution of surveying instruments or equipment,

(ii) compilation or reproduction of maps, or (iii) performance of
services for land surveyors from a commercial standpoint.

This membership includes the following benefits:

  • Allows corporation to do group UCLS membership and Conference enrollment.
  • 25% discount on booth at UCLS conference
  • Name on UCLS and WMCEF web site as a Corporate Sponsor
  • Name on conference program or schedule as a Corporate Sponsor
  • Complimentary job postings on UCLS website

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